Small model Sève vase by Adeline Delesalle

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The Sève vase, exclusively at Caroline Andréoni La Maison, is the centerpiece of the collection. The latter takes its name from nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designer Adeline Delesalle. Referring to the very essence of plants, the collection is similar to leaves stylized by its shapes and inserts.

The small model vase is made with white chamotte sandstone, a smooth earth to which crushed terracotta has been added, giving it an ideal texture for modeling and an authentic grain. This piece made using the plate technique is the result of the designer's know-how, entirely made by hand in her workshops in France.


ø: 18 cm

H: 29

Materials: Raw white chamotte sandstone

Handmade in France.


French production by hand, each piece created is unique.


Washable with water.

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