Knife Holder by Romie Objetti - Set of 6

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The Romie knife holders were born for the first edition of the “sensitive knife holders” by Sarah Espeute who wanted to bring back to the forefront this object of tableware that has been somewhat neglected in recent years.
The sculpted round shapes are flattened to provide stability. Two brass Romie stamps are applied to either side of each knife holder and give the object a precious touch.

Different species of wood are possible between Bubinga, Zebrano, Ash and Wenge.

Its grape seed oil and beeswax finish provides a satin and silky finish which preserves the natural and authentic appearance of the wood, while enhancing it.

Contact us for a composition of a set of several colors.

Set of 6 knife holders.

Made in France.

Length: 7cm
Diameter: 3cm


Carved in waxed and polished Bubinga, Zebrano, Ash and Wenge wood.


Wood is a living material that is bound to evolve over time. In order to preserve its initial state as much as possible, it is best to avoid direct exposure to the sun's rays. This can damage the natural color of the wood and cause discoloration. It is recommended to oil your knife holders from time to time with a neutral sunflower type oil (not olive as it colors the wood) to maintain, nourish and protect the wood.
For an even shinier finish, finish the polishing with a woolen cloth or an old nylon stocking.
However, it is forbidden to wash the knife holders with plenty of water; a simple wipe with a damp microfiber is enough to clean them. Then dry them well.

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