Ondine centerpiece by Atelier Stokowski

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Fluidity of curves, constraints of shapes, colors, the waves generated by the palpitations of the heart of each “Ondine” offer the spectacle of harmony in naked simplicity. Immobility and movement then become lovers in an embrace where time freezes to give way to the balance of the senses.

Materials: Hand blown glass.
Colors: Blue, amber and saffron


Blue - H 11cm x Ø 43cm
Amber - H 11cm x Ø 42cm
Saffron - H 11cm x Ø 41cm

Made in France.


Hand blown glass.


Clean the glass with a microfiber cloth and the brass with a chamois cloth sent by us with the piece. Do not use household products on brass parts, do not handle without gloves.

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Installation possible by us if necessary (not included in the price of the item).
Items made only to order, no returns possible.