Lumena vase by Atelier Stokowski

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Inspired by the emotional charge conveyed by the history of amphoras, we wanted to create a personal version of them by revisiting shapes, colors and integrating wheel engraving to give each of them a more aesthetic contemporary. The evolution towards the shape of current bottles is one of the stages in the evolution of antique amphoras which we wish, in a voluntary regression, to free from their initial function by transforming them into sculptural and decorative objects.


Steel blue horizon - H 40cm x Ø 8cm
Light Whiskey - H 43cm x Ø 8cm
Steel blue vertical - H 45cm x Ø 8cm
Light Amber - H 46cm x Ø 9cm
Red - H 47cm x Ø 8cm
Black - H 51cm x Ø 8cm

Materials: Hand-blown and wheel-engraved glass.

Made in France.


Hand-blown and wheel-engraved glass.


Clean the glass with a microfiber cloth and the brass with a chamois cloth sent by us with the piece. Do not use household products on brass parts, do not handle without gloves.

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