Carafe Solis x Léa Ginac

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Solis smells like the sun from which it draws its inspiration.
Inspired by the colors of the South, it will perfectly complement your Mediterranean cuisine with its curvy shape.

Hand-turned by our potter Tino Aiello in his Vallauris workshop, each carafe is made from chamotte red earthenware . We thus obtain a non-smooth appearance which gives hold and character to the piece.

Made in Vallauris, in the South of France. More details in the know-how section.

Height: 22 cm / Diameter: 13 cm

Materials :
Chamotte red earthenware , turned by hand then enameled . Unsmooth earth.

All the tableware in our Libre Comme... capsule is made in Vallauris, a city whose reputation is well established in the world of ceramics. When Pablo Picasso decided to settle there at the end of the 1950s, he discovered the ceramic factories there and fell in love with this material which offered him new creative perspectives. He produced more than 4,000 works in 20 years and contributed to the revival of Vallauris ceramics. The tradition is still perpetuated today by numerous workshops. This is the case of Tino who represents the 7th generation of potters in his family! For our Libre comme... capsule, he created all the tableware in his Vallauris workshop. Each piece is turned by hand respecting this artisanal know-how which is passed down from generation to generation. Witness to the cultural heritage of Vallauris, the pieces all have the “Vallauris” stamp and are unique.


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