Baïla candle holder by Romie Objetti

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The Baïla candlestick is one of the first pieces sculpted by Romie.
It was initially designed as a duo with the Baïla lamp, which is a variation of the designer's first earring shapes named "Marcia Baïla", a nod to the famous Rita Mitsouko song.
Rhythmic and surprising. The ring on the candle holder is removable and gives a living spirit to this candle holder which looks more like a sculpture than a candle holder strictly speaking.
The top of the piece is finished with a brass washer stamped Romie. Its beeswax finish provides a satin and silky finish which preserves the natural and authentic appearance of the wood, while enhancing it.

Height: 42.5cm
Diameter: 12cm at the widest

Walnut wood candle holder carved in France.
It is recommended to use candles with a standard diameter, between 22 and 24mm in diameter.

The artisanal work and natural materials that Romie Objetti highlights in its collections present particularities and irregularities which give character to the pieces and make them all unique. It is therefore possible that each of them may present slight differences compared to the photos.


Wood is a living material that is bound to evolve over time. In order to preserve its initial state as much as possible, it is best to avoid direct exposure to the sun's rays. This can damage the natural color of the wood and cause discoloration.
It is recommended to wax the candle holder from time to time with a colorless natural paste wax using the cotton linen supplied with the candle holder. Apply the wax in a thin layer in the direction of the grain of the wood. Leave to dry for an hour, and polish by vigorously rubbing the linen against the wood.
For an even shinier finish, finish the polishing with a woolen cloth or an old nylon stocking.

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