PAP DECO is a Polish family manufacturer, pioneer in brass wall decoration and furniture handles - hand carved and then manufactured using traditional casting technology in Poland.

The brand was born in the minds of Piotr and Marcin Paplinski.
The brothers grew up in an artistic family involved for over 30 years in metalworking in a broad sense, including the production of artistic brass products and exclusive statuettes for Poland's most important events.
Today, the brothers run the business with their father, who instilled in them a passion not only for brass, but above all for craftsmanship, design and art. The combination of Piotr's imagination and design skills, combined with Marcin's vast knowledge of the material, resulted in the creation of the brand for those who value aesthetics, uniqueness, timelessness above all else. , superior quality and the care taken in manufacturing.

They strive to express the world around us, drawing inspiration from nature, geometry,
architecture, art and the human body.