Atelier ODO is the union of two passions: that of Laura Brault, interior architect and furniture designer, and that of Yohann Michaud, designer and ceramist.

Laura worked in the world of luxury for eight years for various interior architecture agencies and design studios, while Yohann worked for ten years as a modeler then designer within several Limoges porcelain factories as well as in a creative studio at the Viaduc des arts in Paris.

Their creative approach is nourished by their respective universes: Laura brings a global vision which places the projects in a defined context, while Yohann brings to life his sensitivity for patterns and materials.

The ODO workshop (Ombre d'Or les Objets) was created with the intention of developing a range of decorative objects and meeting the needs of their Ombre d'Or design studio. This synergy between the workshop and the creative studio allows them to express their passion for ceramics as well as their creativity in the field of furniture design and interior architecture. These two complementary entities nourish each other, thus offering unique and harmonious creations where ceramics and design meet elegantly.