Mickaël Koska is a free thinker, inhabited by the reliefs of the Mediterranean territories, their little-known resources and the pure lines that emerge from them. This surprising nature inspires him to design generous and playful shapes, thus creating unique collections.

Self-taught, Mickaël approaches design instinctively and freely before perfecting his skills at the École Boulle. In 2013, he created his own studio oscillating between Art and Design in Marseille and continued his research in close collaboration with French manufacturers.

The work of several designers such as Jaime Hayon,
Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance or Stéphane Parmentier
lead him to combine his attraction to craftsmanship and his taste for geometric shapes, all in an assumed colorama. Dreamlike creations taking their roots in the eccentricity of the Memphis movement. This vibrant and limitless universe is part of a short circuit of creation thus preserving French know-how.